Join The Warehousing Efficiency Conference Online
February 10th 2021 | 10AM - 4PM GMT

The Warehousing Efficiency Conference is an online conference which is being held on Feb 10th 2021.The event will run live online from 10am to 4pm GMT. The sessions will also be available for download by participants following the event.

The Warehousing Efficiency Conference is the leading online event dedicated to Warehousing & Logistics Efficiency.

Join 300 warehousing, logistics, supply chain and facility management experts from sectors such as food, pharma, retail, tech, automotive, healthcare etc that have an interest in transforming their warehousing & logistics operations

Over 10 speakers will inform and educate the delegates who have registered to network and listen to key note talks and engage in debates and workshops. Delegates will also be able to network with our key sponsors and providers of cutting-edge technology.

This gathering of like-minded industry experts from offers an opportunity for the industry to gather and keep up to-date with the latest innovations, best practice and new technology solutions available in the market place.

This event is a unique opportunity for industry to get together to specifically share ideas and experiences and to make new and valuable contacts with peers and suppliers.

Why Attend

  • Listen to over 10 educational seminars on the latest industry issues
  • Hear panel debates on the key issues facing the sector
  • Listen to key insights from industry thought leaders
  • Participate in in-depth workshops
  • Join the talks live or watch later in your own time
  • Hear first-hand case studies from the country‚Äôs leading companies who are transforming their warehousing and logistics operations through cutting edge technology & strategies.
  • See demonstrations of the latest solutions in our technology showcase
  • Avail of the excellent networking opportunities with peers throughout the day
  • Join our Q&A with industry thought leaders

Who Attends

  • Operation Director
  • Heads of Distribution
  • Energy Directors
  • Sustainability Directors
  • Manufacturing Directors
  • Warehousing Manager
  • Facility Manager
  • Logistic Director
  • Supply Chain Director
  • Head of Procurement

Key Topics

  • IoT & Industry 4.0
  • Smart Warehousing
  • Demand Planning & Inventory Management
  • Just in Time
  • Ecommerce & Fulfilment
  • Tech & IT
  • Automation & Robotics
  • Sustainability & Energy Management
  • Digital transformation
  • Just-in-time Packaging
  • Mobile & Handheld devices
  • Big Data
  • Wearable technology
  • Machine learning